Lingerie · neko · Skyee

I’ll Curse You…


Hair C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty ~Hair
Eyes nutsbar n: pretty black eyes
Choker lBLMI xKx……….KLY
Skin C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty ~Skin
Bottoms lBLMI CC……….F3
Top lBLMI CC……….F2
Shoes lBLMI blk……………XN
Eyeborws EpicErin [E]*Lower Brows*
Necklace 0FFENSlVE [0] Unholy Chain .F
Legs Fur C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty Leg Fur ~L
Leg Fur C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty Leg Fur~ R
Ears C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty ~Ears
Tail C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty ~Tail
Poses Cry . Baddy Poses (10)
Paws C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty ~Paws
Head C4NDYACID Pvc Kitty ~Head
Eyebrows NekoHime *NH Drv. No Eyebrows
Scaler Anarch SmallWaist, Curvy Hips
Avatar Kelie !K♥ Ebby.


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